As a tenant of the Executive House, I would like to commend management and their staff for their continued professionalism that they exhibit on a daily basis. I have choices of places to live, but I am proud to call the Executive House my home.

~ Marie H

(Executive House resident since 2002)

My husband and I would like to thank the Murnick Property Group for the new windows installed [in 2012] in each apartment, the painting of the hallways and the new carpet tiles installed on each floor. It truly makes the building look good and we believe it will attract the right people who will make our community better.

~ Yvonne P.

(Ambassador Towers resident since 1992)

I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU so much for allowing us to live in this incredible building community! We feel so very much "at home" and welcomed by everyone we have come across. From the amazing building manager to the VERY hard working maintenance staff, and of course the front door folks...every single person has been so hospitable...and each of your employees couldn't be more professional or ready to help with a positive energy! We are so happy and thankful to be here and start a new chapter in our lives and have already welcomed our friends and family over to see our new place and they all feel great seeing how excited we are and how beautiful the building and apartment is where we live. It has all been all we could have hoped for, and more!

~ Brian W

(Munroe Towers resident since 2013)

It is difficult to make a decision on one thing in particular that I love about Executive House because there are so many things to choose from. In the years that I have lived here, I find that even though it is a rental, I take great pride in thinking of it as my home.

The onsite management and the staff make you feel that you are an owner as opposed to a tenant and that makes me take great pride in my apartment and my building. The maintenance staff is extremely responsive to your needs; the grounds are well kept; and the apartments are very quiet.

You could not pick a better place to live.

~ Debra E.

Executive House resident since 2003)

I moved into Executive House after selling my home many years ago. What I have most appreciated over the years is that the staff, management, and ownership of this building consider it very important that the tenants’ needs be met in a timely and efficient manner. A number of major capital projects have been completed over the years to maintain the building aesthetics and infrastructure at a high level. As a housing professional, the importance of this cannot be discounted.

Executive House has provided me with a most comfortable residence for many years, and I do believe it to be the best building in East Orange.

~ Ralph and Tanya W.

(Executive House residents since 1997)

I recently celebrated 24 years with Executive House, 18 of those years, working with the Murnick family. In that time, I have been challenged and stimulated by my work, supported by my co-workers, and encouraged by the Murnicks.

~ Ms. K. Thomas

(Executive House Resident Manager since 1988)

I'm lucky enough to live in Munroe Towers (I LOVE IT HERE!) This past weekend, Asbury Park was featured on the CNN show Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, and they had an AWESOME view of Munroe Towers that aired. I'm attaching a pic taken during the show. Thought you'd like to see it! Thank you for letting me live in this AWESOME building!

~Cheri W

(Munroe Towers resident since 2014)

When I initially decided to return to my home town of East Orange, the Executive House was one of the few buildings that I gave any consideration of moving into. That was over nine years ago and I’m just as pleased with my decision today as I was then. The building has all of the amenities that a tenant could desire: a comfortable lobby, a laundry room, a beautiful pool and, for the athletic, tennis courts and a mini track.

The Executive House staff is extremely friendly, accommodating, and professional. Both the building and grounds are very well maintained. The management doors are always open and the presence of a 24-hour doorman adds an extra sense of security.

Our building has a real “neighborhood” feel and it is reflected through the tenants who always greet each other with a friendly “Good Morning.” I love coming home to my apartment: it is spacious, airy and bright. It is my home and my haven.

~ Beverly M.

(Executive House resident since 2003)